Quiz: Air Force Pilots Should Be Able To Ace This Aviation Quiz. Can You?
Air Force Pilots Should Be Able To Ace This Aviation Quiz. Can You?
By: Craig Taylor
Image: Getty Images via Theerawat Kaiphanlert

About This Quiz

Those magnificent men in their flying machines! 

It's amazing to think that in just a little over a 100 years, we have had a man go from flying a few feet during the first manned flight to sending 500 passengers in a cylindrical can with wings halfway around the world on a daily basis.

Has there ever been an invention with such a rapid progression? And let's not forget it was flight that also led to man going to space and the moon for that matter. 

Since they first flew, aircraft have always fascinated us. They are used in a number of roles as well including commercial, military and civilian applications. 

Actually, it's hard to imagine a world without aircraft, isn't it?

But how much do you know about the airplanes and the world of aviation? Do you know who were the first men to fly? Or perhaps what they named their aircraft?

What about the name of the first aircraft to fly non-stop around the globe in 1986?

Well if you do, this is the quiz for you. It is going to test your aviation knowledge to the fullest! So be prepared.

Let's hope you can climb to new heights!

Good luck

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Early aircraft had two sets of wings, an upper wing and a lower wing. What were these aircraft called?
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How does a pilot control how fast an aircraft is flying?
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By moving the control yoke, the pilot will move which control surface on the aircraft?
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Name the first person to fly a powered aircraft.
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In what year did they accomplish their feat?
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What was the name of their first aircraft?
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How many parts is a Boeing 747 commercial airliner made from?
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Many people are afraid to fly, but just how much of the world's population would you put the figure at?
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What percentage of the world's population has flown?
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Name the forces acting on an aircraft when it is flying. These all contribute to the fact that it is flying!
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Back to the jumbo jet. How much wiring does a 747 have in it?
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Who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo?
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Can you name the largest commercial airliner in operation today?
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How many people can the Airbus A380 carry in an all-economy class configuration?
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In 1986, an experimental aircraft managed to circumnavigate the globe without refueling. What was its name?
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How long did Voyager take to circumnavigate the globe?
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Who was the first pilot to cross the Atlantic?
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Can you name the aircraft in which he achieved the feat?
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In cost-cutting measures in 1987, American Airways saved $40,000 per year by _______
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Studies show that the most likelihood of an aircraft crash occurs 3 minutes after takeoff or 8 minutes before landing. What percentage of crashes take place during this period?
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How many people fly in the United States each day?
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Which of these is a fighter aircraft from World War I
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Is a baby born in US airspace a US citizen by default?
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When did the world's first international airline flight take place?
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Name the only ever supersonic airliner flown by British Airways and Air France, please.
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Name the American pilot who first broke the sound barrier in 1947.
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What aircraft was Chuck Yeager flying when he broke the sound barrier?
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Do you know the nickname of the aircraft in which he first broke the sound barrier?
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Which top-secret stealth aircraft first saw action with American forces during the first Gulf War?
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What weather phenomena are aircraft able to withstand?
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What is the name of the trails in the sky left by high-flying aircraft?
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