Quiz: If You Get 29/30 on This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through the ASVAB Test
If You Get 29/30 on This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through the ASVAB Test
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Short for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, you must be able to pass this test before you can become a member of the United States military. If you can get 29 out of 30 on this adapted version, we know that you will pass the real one with flying colors. Learning how you do on this quiz will also help you see where you might be falling short, so use it to your advantage! 

In order to pass this quiz, you'll need to know a little bit about each of the ASVAB categories: Arithmetic Reasoning, Math Knowledge, and Verbal Compositive including word knowledge. Although our quiz won't be as difficult as the actual ASVAB, we do plan to challenge you. It would only be fair, and our tough love will better prepare you for the real thing. 

We won't put you through the ringer, but we do expect a lot out of someone who plans to serve in our military. If you can get a high score on this quiz, you will not have any trouble with the ASVAB. Take a deep breath and believe in yourself! It's time to find out just how well you'll be able to fake your way through the military's entrance exam!

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