Quiz: If You Get 29/35 on This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through Med School
If You Get 29/35 on This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through Med School
By: Monica Lee
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About This Quiz

Biology, psychology, biochemistry, general chemistry, sociology, physics and organic chemistry. These are some of the subjects a pre-med student needs to know in depth! Just in case you're serious about taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) this quiz contains sample questions and answers gathered from two sources, the Kaplan Test Prep website and the M Prep site at www.mcatquestion.com with 2015 exam questions. This version is important to note since new content was added in 2015, specifically psychology and sociology curriculum. The MCAT now contains four sections, each scored on a scale of 118 to 132 for a cumulative score range of 472 to 528.

To put it simply, a pre-med student needs to know all things science-related. In other words, most everything. In this quiz there are questions about what is the response of the immune system to downregulation of MHC molecules on somatic cells (natural killer cells induce apoptosis of affected cells.) As well as physics questions such as how much work is done by a six-foot man lifting a 100 lb weight one foot above his head (700 foot pounds). Are you still up for the challenge? Then student, teach thyself, by taking this quiz. If you get 29 out of 35 on this quiz, you can fake your way through med school!

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