Quiz: Can You Ace This FBI Entrance Exam?
Can You Ace This FBI Entrance Exam?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: South_agency/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a venerable place in the history of U.S. law enforcement. It also fascinates Hollywood: from the fairly realistic "Silence of the Lambs" to the paranormal (and sometimes paranoid) craziness of "The X-Files," screenwriters have loved to write about the workings of the Bureau -- or what they *imagine* to be its workings. The truth is, a number of films and TV shows wildly miss the mark in terms of realism. 

But maybe you think that you've avoided buying into the fallacies. Maybe you feel that you know what it'd take to get into the FBI, to train at the famous Academy at Quantico, and to do the real work that follows. If so, we've got a quiz for you!

Okay, we can't give you a background check, an in-person interview, or a physical-fitness exam like the Bureau would. But we will throw you some logic questions like you might find on the FBI's computerized exam, and some ethical dilemmas to solve. We'll also ask a few personality questions, to gauge whether you've got the right character to work for the FBI. All in all, we're going to put you through a mental wringer -- just like the FBI's exam would do. Can you get the coveted 29-or-more right? Find out now!

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