Quiz: If You Get 29/35 on This Quiz, You Could Fake Your Way as a Rocket Scientist
If You Get 29/35 on This Quiz, You Could Fake Your Way as a Rocket Scientist
By: Heather Cahill
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Without rocket science, we wouldn't have made the incredible discoveries and completed the amazing feats that we have in the past. The science allows us to get to destinations that were otherwise impossible to achieve. Remember when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon? We can thank rocket scientists for their work! So, you think you know all about it?

Do you know how thrust and propulsion work? What about the mechanics of the satellites that are in orbit? Do you know terms such as "microgravity" and "angstrom"? If you don't, you'll want to grab a dictionary. You'll need to know them to ace this quiz!

Do you know the methods used in order to launch spacecraft into space? Do you know what the International Space Station is used for? Can you define the term "electromagnetic energy"? In rocket science, you not only need to be good at math, but you also need to know a little about space as well. So, can you name all of the planets in order?

If you're strong in science and math, and love space, then try your hand at this quiz! Maybe you have what it takes to be the next great asset to NASA and the world.

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