Quiz: Could You Live in Australia? Let's See How High You Score on This Quiz!
Could You Live in Australia? Let's See How High You Score on This Quiz!
By: Heather Cahill
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Australians live in a beautiful country that is much different from the rest of the world. From its climate to its animals and everything in between, the land down under is fascinating. Becoming an independent country in 1901, Australia has not only become a great place to live, but also a large tourist destination. Behind its beaches and deserts, it also has a rich history, as it was inhabited by aboriginal peoples many years ago. So you think you have what it takes to live in Australia?

Do you know what day Australia Day is celebrated on? What about the country's capital city? Do you know which cute animal is actually very poisonous? Can you name some uniquely Australian foods? The country is known for many things such as its animals and sports, but this quiz will take you deeper than that!

Do you know what a stromatolite is? Can you name a few of Australia's favorite slang or words to use? Maybe you can name them, but can you also define them? Do you know who the Royal Flying Doctors are? Australia's nature, culture and the atmosphere are unique and fascinating, if you want to live in the country, you'll want to know your stuff!

No matter if you've visited, or you've even hoped to visit, if you know your stuff about the country, this will be a breeze. See if you could handle the land down under by taking this quiz!

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