Quiz: Could You Live in the UK? Let's See How High You Score on This Quiz!
Could You Live in the UK? Let's See How High You Score on This Quiz!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

There are about seventy million people living in the United Kingdom, which makes it one of the more densely populated countries in the world. Thanks to really good zoning laws, however, the country has not become very built up, meaning that whether you prefer to live in a major city, a leafy suburb, a village or the middle of nowhere, your preference can easily be accommodated. All you need is a baseline knowledge of the culture, infrastructure and economy to make sure that you're able to get the best out of your new home - and equally importantly, to put your best into it!

By virtue of some of the less proud elements of its recent past, such as colonizing a fifth of the world, and also by virtue of some really awesome things like the global popularity of the BBC and James Bond movies, British culture is fairly familiar to many people. However, this cultural presence also means that lots of inaccurate stereotypes are out there, and of course, there are all sorts of important nuances that frankly would be difficult to capture on screen. Let's see if you're ready to up sticks and move yourself to bonny old Blighty!

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