Quiz: If You Get 29/35 on This Vocabulary Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through Harvard
If You Get 29/35 on This Vocabulary Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through Harvard
By: Torrance Grey
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Vocabulary: It's so important that most college-entrance exams have a whole section devoted to it. And the pressure's not off once you get into university! Even if it's not really fair, people will judge you on how well you express yourself in job interviews, on dates and in day-to-day life. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who blow a gasket over use of the word "irregardless." Which, we'd like to point out, Merriam-Webster has recognized as a word!

Maybe you're one of those "irregardless"-hating persons. Maybe you've made a study of the English language. There's a lot to learn, and a lot to know. The English language is a mix of Latinate words  -- by way of the French language, which came over with the invading Normans in 1066 -- and earlier Anglo-Saxon words. But the diversity of vocabulary doesn't stop there. English later became the language of an empire, and in its global travels picked up words from the countries it colonized, like India. "Avatar" and "juggernaut" are among the Hindi terms. Some of English's mathematical terms come from Arabic, because of the Arab world's supremacy in math in Europe's Dark Ages.  

Whether you know etymological roots or not, we've got a quiz that'll test you on English's more obscure terms. Ready? Good luck!

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