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What does "veracity" mean?

Veracity is defined as the habitual observance of being honest in speech and statement; to conform or be devoted to the truth or facts; faithfulness, fidelity, accuracy, correctness.

What does "pugnacious" mean?

Pugnacious refers to a hostile or combative attitude; to be quick or eager to start a fight or argument; belligerent, quarrelsome, truculent, antagonistic, warlike, hot-tempered or militant.

Which of these words is synonymous with "jaded"?

Jaded is defined as a lack of enthusiasm or interest due to overexposure of something; tiredness due to overworking; boredom, indifferent, dulled, fatigued, exhausted, weary, satiated, worn out.

Can you tell us what "sanguine" means?

Sanguine means to be optimistic or cheerful, especially about a difficult situation; positive, hopeful, cheery, buoyant, upbeat; relating to or consisting of blood; reddish, flushed, bloody.

What's the definition of "dispel"?

The definition of dispel is to remove or eliminate feelings of doubt or disbelief by proving them wrong; drive away, get rid of, banish, disperse, chase away, dissipate, dismiss, scatter.

What does "recant" mean?

Recant is defined as to withdraw or renounce one's statement or belief publicly; to take back something which was said; to openly confess to one's mistake(s); revoke, recall, retract.

Can you tell us what "bereft" means?

Bereft means to be robbed or stripped of the use or possession of something; lacking or missing something that is wanted, needed or expected; to suffer from the death of a loved one.

What does "quixotic" mean?

Quixotic is defined as being extremely unrealistic and impractical about an ideal; starry-eyed, dreamy, foolish, extravagant, romantic, impulsive, chivalrous, capricious, unpredictable.

Which of these words is synonymous with "relinquish"?

Relinquish means to voluntarily give up or hand over possession or control of something; renounce, surrender, to let go of, release, withdraw, abandon, yield, vacate, quit.

What does "abnegation" mean?

Abnegation refers to the act of denying or renouncing something; refusal, abdication, surrender, renunciation, rejection, relinquishment; self-denial, self-sacrifice, abstinence, austerity.

What does "jovial" mean?

Jovial means to be in a markedly cheerful and friendly mood; happy, jolly, cheery, amiable; good-natured, light-hearted, pleasant, sociable, buoyant; related to the god Jove or Jupiter.

Can you tell us what "noxious" means?

Noxious refers to that which is harmful, poisonous or fatal to living organisms; to have a negative influence on the mind or behavior; obnoxious, disagreeable, corrupting, unethical.

Which of these words is synonymous with "virtuoso"?

Virtuoso is defined as someone who displays exceptional knowledge, technique and ability in something, specifically music or any art-related field; maestro, genius, master, expert.

Which of these words is synonymous with "philanthropic"?

Philanthropic is defined as a person or organization who promotes the welfare of others through charity or other benevolent acts; humanitarian, charitable, altruistic, kind-hearted, and unselfish.

What does "gourmand" mean?

Gourmand refers to someone who takes great pleasure in good foods but eats too much; a connoisseur of good foods and drinks; glutton, gourmet, bon vivant, epicure, epicurean.

Can you tell us what "callous" means?

Callous is defined as having or displaying a cruel and heartless disregard for others; to feel or show no sympathy for others; apathetic, insensitive, cold-hearted, unsympathetic, indifferent.

What does "accost" mean?

Accost means to approach and speak to someone in an inappropriate and aggressive manner; address, confront, shout to, call to, hail, annoy, buttonhole, bother, challenge.

Can you tell us what "munificent" means?

Munificent means to be lavish or generous with money and gifts; philanthropic, bountiful, charitable, big-hearted, beneficent, bounteous, open-handed, unsparing, benevolent, kind.

Which of these words is synonymous with "subjugate"?

Subjugate means to bring under control through conquest; dominate, conquer, subdue, enslave, defeat, vanquish, overthrow. To make someone or something submissive or a subordinate.

What does "dour" mean?

Dour is defined as having a stern or harsh appearance or stony, attitude; unfriendly, severe, gloomy, grim, sullen, surly, austere, solemn, morose, dreary, bleak, unyielding, obstinate.

What does "remiss" mean?

Remiss refers to the negligence or inattention to the performance of work or duty; careless, neglectful, thoughtless, irresponsible, heedless, lax, slack, lackadaisical, inattentive, unmindful.

Can you tell us what "winsome" means?

Winsome is defined as having a pleasant and attractive demeanor, usually with childlike charm and innocence; appealing, dainty, delicate, captivating, cheerful, light-hearted, inviting, lovable.

Which of these words is synonymous with "impetuous"?

The definition of impetuous is to act or do something quickly without thinking; hasty, impulsive, rash, reckless and careless. Forceful or violent movements or action; powerful, raging, vigorous.

What does "lull" mean?

The meaning of lull is to soothe or put to sleep using calming sounds or movements; hush, pacify, quell; a short break of quietness or lack of activity; interval, pause, hiatus, intermission.

What does "affluent" mean?

Affluent refers to a wealthy person; to be well off or have a lot of money or possessions; prosperous, wealthy, opulent, upscale, rich, to flow freely or in abundance; a tributary stream.

Can you tell us what "ostracism" means?

Ostracism refers to the banishment, exclusion or exile of someone from a society or group. A type of temporary banishment practiced in Ancient Greece using popular vote or consent.

Which of these words is synonymous with "nuance"?

Nuance is defined as the subtle or minor variation or distinction in color, feeling, appearance, sound or meaning; a slight degree of difference in something; a subtle quality.

Can you tell us what "circumvent" means?

Circumvent means to overcome a problem using illegal or clever means; to get past an obstacle by going around it; fool, mislead, dupe, evade, bypass, dodge, sidestep, thwart, entrap, ensnare.

Which of these words is synonymous with "plethora"?

Plethora refers to a large or overabundance of something; excess, profusion, deluge, surplus, superfluity, copious, outpouring. A bodily condition marked by an excessive amount of blood.

What does "travesty" mean?

A travesty is defined as a distorted or absurd representation of something or someone; mockery of, spoof, ridicule, perversion of, corruption of, a poor substitute for, a caricature of, mimicry, parody.

Can you tell us what "egregious" means?

Egregious is defined as outstandingly bad, outrageous, shocking, appalling, atrocious, horrendous, terrible, awful, frightful, deplorable, heinous, abhorrent, and intolerable.

Can you tell us what "antiseptic" means?

Antiseptic is defined as a substance which prevents the growth of microorganisms; disinfectant, antibacterial, germicidal; free from contamination, sterile, scrupulously clean or pure.

What does "rescind" mean?

The definition of rescind is to revoke, repeal or cancel a law, agreement or order; to declare null and void; nullify, annul, overrule, overturn, invalidate, void, retract, quash, backpedal, recall.

What does "penchant" mean?

Penchant is defined as a strong inclination or habitual liking for something; fondness, tendency, proclivity, preference, appetite, affection, predilection, proneness, predisposition, desire.

Which of these words is synonymous with "maverick"?

Maverick refers to an unorthodox or free-spirited person who does not go along with the group; nonconformist, eccentric, individualist, bohemian, rebel, and dissenter; a motherless calf.

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