Quiz: Think You Know SAT Words? Take This Quiz!
Think You Know SAT Words? Take This Quiz!
By: Isadora Tech
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About This Quiz

Think your SAT vocab skills are at their apex? Many students dread studying for and taking their SATs because the scores can determine so much. A high score can be integral to attending many renowned institutions of higher learning, while many competitive schools are far less likely to take on a student who scores low. The modern SAT consists of four main sections: reading, writing and language, math, and an essay. On the modern-day SAT, math is split into two subsections: one where test-takers can use a calculator and one where they cannot while the essay is also optional.  

The 2016 update has made vocabulary slightly less important than it used to be, but it is still a big part of the test. Test-takers who are not familiar enough with more academic terms might struggle on the writing and language sections, where sometimes context clues are not enough. Those aiming for high or perfect scores simply must familiarize themselves with the test's vocabulary.     

Whether you are a vocab whiz who thinks you can crush the SAT with a high score or you're not exactly sure your vocab is extensive enough, test your word savvy with this quiz! 

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