35 Things Only True Ohioans Know

Becky Stigall

Ohioan's tend to wear what article of clothing in sub-zero weather?

Sure, we'll throw on a jacket, but we have to show that snowstorm who's boss.

Ohioans have two football teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati __________. Is it possible to root for both?

The Browns vs. he Bengals is an intense rivalry. But not as intense as another one!

Cleveland Browns fans gear up for the contest between their football team and what timeless rival?

The Browns/Steelers rivalry has fueled the dreams of Ohio football fans for decades.

Ohioans are wont to eat chili over the top of what food?

Doesn't chili belong with spaghetti? Ohioans thing so!

Ohioans know that the state can be spelled, YMCA-style, using their ______.

O-H-I-O can easily be spelled using ones arms. Try it!

What pastime, involving cows, seems to be quite pleasurable for Ohioans?

Yup, cow tipping is a thing. Let's say it's not entirely humane, though.

In Ohio, if you say "O-H," you are sure to hear what response?

Ohio's very own call and response. We can weed out Ohioans anywhere.

B-Dubs is a reference to what eatery?

Ohioans virtually have the menu memorized.

Ohioans actually know what this nut actually is.

We love 'em so much we made them into a candy.

Ohioans know that their state actually contains a coast - the ______ coast.

Hey, Lake Erie counts as a coastline, right? Bonus - there's even ice-fishing in the winter!

Only those Ohioans who live in what city can claim a flaming river as their very own?

Although a source of many jokes and some embarrassment, the Cuyahoga River did actually catch fire in 1969, because it was... well... dirty.

According to one study, Ohioans use what more than residents of any other state?

The Steelers, Ohio State vs. Michigan, cornfields. Need we say more?

Ohioans know that the seasons last how long?

Missed spring? It was yesterday. Now it's 90 degrees.

Ohio schoolchildren know that what weather event will result in a free day?

Schoolchildren in Ohio know that, even in three feet of snow, they will just have to suck it up and trudge to school.

Ohioans have waited for which sports team to win... something?

Browns fans are diehard believers, even though their team never seems to be able to get ahead.

Which sport really has no presence at all in Ohio?

Hockey? What's that?

Ohioans use what condiment interchangeably with mayo?

Miracle Whip is awesome on sandwiches, in macaroni and potato salad, and in any other instance where mayo might be used. Yum!

Cleveland's baseball stadium is known as _______.

Formally Progressive Field, The Jake takes its name from team owners, Richard and David Jacobs.

To Ohioans, soda is known as ___.

Oh, so that's a Midwestern thing.

Ohioans actually know how to pronounce the name of which river/county?

The word Cuyahoga means "crooked river." The river cuts the county in half.

The Cuyahoga River is the dividing line between what Northeast Ohio rivalry?

Some Clevelanders rarely cross the river. Seriously.

Some Ohioans actually know how to do what dance?

The United States Polka Association is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

What city is located in Ohio, not Florida?

Ok, so there's a Miami in both Ohio and Florida. Ohioans will never admit it!

What dance is a roller skate rink favorite?

Ohioans have the chicken dance in their blood. Get ready to flap your wings.... ahem, we mean arms.

Who is the most hated man in Ohio?

It's all about the football, folks. Ohio football.

Ohioans know that the "A Christmas Story" house is located in what city?

The house is open for tours and sleepovers! Put up your feet and stay a while!

What city in Ohio is the home of "The Drew Carey Show"?

Hey, the theme song for season one was "Moon Over Parma"! Parma is on the southern edge of Cleveland. Cleveland rocks!

What comedian lives in Ohio?

Dave Chappelle and his family live in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Where the heck is Yellow Springs?

What iconic boxer had a mansion in Ohio?

Mike Tyson once owned an mansion in Southington, Ohio. The mansion, complete with a boxing-glove-shaped pool, has been empty for years.

A rivalry with a college team in what state fuels many Ohio football fans?

Michigan and Ohio State. The Buckeyes and the Wolverines. 'Nuff said.

Ohioans know the best theme park is what?

Opened in 1870, Cedar Point in Sandusky is the second-oldest open amusement park in the US. Both Sea World and Geauga Lake parks closed in Ohio.

What outdoor game gives Ohioans the opportunity to express themselves on the boards?

Cornhole boards can be painted with just about any theme in Ohio.

Deep-fried Oreos are a delicacy to be had at any Ohio _____ _____.

Ohio state fairs feature fried Oreos, Twinkies and other delicacies. Doesn't everything taste better fried?

Everyone knows that Ohioans don't have what?

Actually, Ohioans know that it's the rest of the country who have accents.

What delicious food, grown in Ohio, can be found at any summer picnic?

Ohio has cornfields as far as the eye can see. Might as well cook some up.

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