Quiz: 35 Things Only True Ohioans Know
35 Things Only True Ohioans Know
By: Becky Stigall
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Ohioans have a unique way of viewing the world. From football rivalries to a poor perception of weather, folks from Ohio are worth a closer look. Let's go!

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Ohioan's tend to wear what article of clothing in sub-zero weather?
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Ohioans have two football teams, the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati __________. Is it possible to root for both?
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Cleveland Browns fans gear up for the contest between their football team and what timeless rival?
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Ohioans are wont to eat chili over the top of what food?
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Ohioans know that the state can be spelled, YMCA-style, using their ______.
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What pastime, involving cows, seems to be quite pleasurable for Ohioans?
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In Ohio, if you say "O-H," you are sure to hear what response?
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B-Dubs is a reference to what eatery?
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Ohioans actually know what this nut actually is.
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Ohioans know that their state actually contains a coast - the ______ coast.
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Only those Ohioans who live in what city can claim a flaming river as their very own?
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According to one study, Ohioans use what more than residents of any other state?
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Ohioans know that the seasons last how long?
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Ohio schoolchildren know that what weather event will result in a free day?
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Ohioans have waited for which sports team to win... something?
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Which sport really has no presence at all in Ohio?
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Ohioans use what condiment interchangeably with mayo?
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Cleveland's baseball stadium is known as _______.
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To Ohioans, soda is known as ___.
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Ohioans actually know how to pronounce the name of which river/county?
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The Cuyahoga River is the dividing line between what Northeast Ohio rivalry?
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Some Ohioans actually know how to do what dance?
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What city is located in Ohio, not Florida?
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What dance is a roller skate rink favorite?
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Who is the most hated man in Ohio?
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Ohioans know that the "A Christmas Story" house is located in what city?
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What city in Ohio is the home of "The Drew Carey Show"?
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What comedian lives in Ohio?
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What iconic boxer had a mansion in Ohio?
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A rivalry with a college team in what state fuels many Ohio football fans?
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Ohioans know the best theme park is what?
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What outdoor game gives Ohioans the opportunity to express themselves on the boards?
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Deep-fried Oreos are a delicacy to be had at any Ohio _____ _____.
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Everyone knows that Ohioans don't have what?
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What delicious food, grown in Ohio, can be found at any summer picnic?
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