Quiz: If You Pass This Extremely Difficult "Would You Rather" Test, Your Relationship Will Last Forever
If You Pass This Extremely Difficult "Would You Rather" Test, Your Relationship Will Last Forever
By: Teresa
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About This Quiz

Would you rather know how long your relationship will last before it's too late, or would you rather just get off the ride at the next stop to avoid an impending heartbreak? The answers you choose during "Would You Rather" test will certainly let you know if you have the kind of relationship that will last until the end of time. It will also let you know if it's time to put yourself back out on a few dating apps. 

You might be asking yourself how a "Would You Rather" test can offer so much insight into your relationship. We have designed our quiz to find out how you and your partner really feel about one other! Once you know how long you'll be together, the choice to stay or to end it is completely up to you. We simply want to make sure you are as informed as you can possibly be about what your future holds. 

As you provide us with your honest answers, we will get a good picture of your personalities and the way the two of you approach your lives together. After we get to know you well enough to become the third wheel, we will reveal the answer you've been waiting for - or fearing! Either way, don't you think you should find out?

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