If You Were a Cat, What Would Your Name Be?

Steven Miller

How attractive would you say you are?

How dark is your dark-side?

Would you say that you're a clumsy person?

Do you like to cuddle?

Are you high-maintenance or low-maintenance?

How cautious are other people around you?

How enthusiastic are you?

Do you make new friends easily?

How popular are you with other cats?

Which holiday best fits your vibe?

How likely are you to think things through before you take action?

How much better than humans do you think you are?

How would you describe the way you walk?

Would you say that you're mysterious?

When was the last time you broke something accidentally?

Are you more likely to purr or meow?

How much do you like tuna fish?

What do you think of dogs?

How do you feel when you see someone drop a cat upside down to see if they'll land on their feet?

How frisky do you get around a stimulant like catnip?

How likely are you to hide under a bed when a new person comes into the house?

How do you feel about bath time?

Are you a picky eater?

How spoiled are you?

Do you think of yourself as a god/goddess or just a member of the royal family?

How good would you be at catching mice?

How much do you like the Winnie the Pooh stories?

Have you ever thought about becoming a model?

Are you at your best during the day or at night?

Are you more interested in the surface or the depths of a person/cat?

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Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

You are sassy. You are sly. You are, for the purposes of this quiz, a cat! We know you've looked at your cat with envy more than once. Who wouldn't envy their posh lifestyle? It would be refreshing to spend your days napping where you like and being fed without having to pay rent. Although we love our cats, they really do have it made. 

For this quiz, we are going to try to find the perfect cat name for you. If for only a moment, you get to live like your cat. We'll ask you about your personality, your behaviors and your food choices. While there are a couple of you out there that should clearly be dogs, we're going to let it slide and give you a cat name that your feline friend will envy! We hope to help you feel more catty, but we do not recommend going home and using the litter box. Snap out of it, human! 

If you've always been dying to know your cat name, this might be your only chance! It's not often someone comes along and offered to put you in touch with your feel side, but today's your day. Let's find out if you are more like a Dr. Kitty or a Sparkles! 

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