Your Favorite Disney Women Will Reveal Which Biblical Woman You Are

Tori Highley

Which Disney fairy do you wish could help you out?

Which Marvel super heroine do you love seeing in action?

Which Star Wars woman do you wish could take you under their X-wing?

When looking for good advice, which of these grandmothers would you trust the most?

Which of these tiny Disney sidekicks would you love to kick it with?

Which of the classic Disney Princesses do you most adore?

Which of the Renaissance Era Disney Princesses did you love most in the '90s?

Which of these mothers had the most devastating deaths?

Which of these leaders would be a good candidate for President of Earth?

Which of these Finding Nemo females inspires you to just keep swimming?

Between Lilo Pelekai from "Lilo and Stitch" and Boo from "Monsters, Inc.," who would you rather babysit?

Which Goddess of Disney would you be honored to meet?

Which of these adoptive Disney mothers impressed you most?

Which scientist is your favorite inspiration for home experiments?

From the Disney movie "Hercules," which of the muses would you rather sing the gospel truth with?

Of these strong Disney women: who is your favorite self-rescuing damsel-in-distress?

Which Disney Villainess did you find most relatable?

Which modern era Disney Princess would you hang out with?

Which live-action Disney heroine do you admire most?

Which of these animated animals was the best character?

Which of Ariel's sisters is your favorite mermaid princess?

Which witch is the witchiest woman of them all?

Which mommy made the movie amazing?

Which Cheetah Girl would you be best friends with?

Which of these technically non-living heroines did you feel was most alive?

Which of these Disney queens do you feel was truly a great leader?

Would you adopt a pet from Lady from "Lady and the Tramp" or Marie from "The Aristocats"?

Which of Riley's emotions from "Inside Out" was most relatable?

Which anti-heroine did you cheer on the loudest?

Which of these warrior women inspires your daily burn?

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About This Quiz

From biblical times to modern days, women have always been the creators of life and the pillars of society. Their decisions and thoughts continually shaped the people around them, even as they struggled with patriarchal cultures and people who denied their self-agency. While Disney women do a great job of illustrating strong women in modern times, many ancient women had only the Bible to refer to for genuinely great female role models. From Abigail to Zipporah, do you know which bible woman you resemble? 

Your taste in Disney women will turn you inside out and reveal your true nature! Do you adore Grandmother Fa from "Mulan"? Does Rapunzel's innocence resonate with your naivety? These thirty questions will explore who you are and connect you to an amazing Biblical woman. Ancient history might not seem relatable, but modern time Disney movies are! 

With a diversity of backgrounds, you are sure to find a strong woman in the Bible that you can relate to. You might even find yourself relating to a saint! Whoever you connect to from the past, these biblical women are sure to influence your future decisions positively. Take our quiz to find out which woman from the Bible you are connected to!

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