Quiz: Up your nose with a rubber hose: The Welcome Back, Kotter quiz
Up your nose with a rubber hose: The Welcome Back, Kotter quiz
By: Maria Trimarchi
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"Ooh, ooh, Mister Kotter!" How much do you remember about the former Sweathog, Gabe Kotter, and his class of inner-city troublemakers? "Signed, Epstein's mother."

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What was Gabe Kotter's wife's name?
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Whose stand-up comedy routine was the inspiration for the series?
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Who was considered the ladies' man of the group?
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Who had everyone saying, "Up your nose with a rubber hose"?
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What number is the Sweathogs' homeroom?
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What subject does Gabe Kotter teach?
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What was Julie Kotter's "world famous" casserole?
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Gabe Kaplan was one of two creators of the show. Who was the show's co-creator?
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Who wrote and recorded the theme song, "Welcome Back"?
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What was "Welcome Back, Kotter," originally going to be called?
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When asked to draw his favorite thing, what does Vinnie Barbarino draw?
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According to Arnold Horshack, what does the Horshack name mean?
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Who plays Horshack's mother, Mrs. Horshack-O'Hara?
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Who guest-starred as drama coach Alex Welles during the first season?
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During an interview with "People" magazine, which cast member expressed great displeasure about working on the series and with Gabe Kaplan?
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Which Emmy-award winner wrote the episode in which Horshack faces Carvelli in a boxing match?
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Which city's ABC affiliate decided not to pick up the show when it premiered, citing racial tensions?
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According to Beau, who was introduced in the final season, a real man never steps on what?
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What were the names of Gabe and Julie's twin girls?
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Which comedian did Gabe Kotter impersonate in many of the episodes?
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Who was the first woman to "officially" become a Sweathog?
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What was the name of the WBAD radio DJ character George Carlin played during his guest appearance on the show?
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Where was Julie Kotter, Gabe's wife, originally from?
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What movie did John Travolta appear in during his time as a Sweathog?
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John Travolta wasn't the only emerging movie star. What did Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington) appear in while he also starred on "Welcome Back, Kotter"?
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During the final season, Gabe Kotter leaves the classroom for what other position in the school?
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How high did the show's theme song, "Welcome Back," get on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?
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On which animated sitcom does one of the Sweathogs appear as a sperm donor?
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Which "Charlie's Angels" actress did not audition for the role of Julie Kotter?
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Which Sweathog went on to sing background vocals on Rick James' "Super Freak"?
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What did Gabe Kaplan title his comedy album about a group of high school kids called the Sweathogs?
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