Your Opinion of These Wedding Trends Will Reveal When You'll Meet the One

Tori Highley

What statement most closely describes what you think about fairy lights at weddings?

Which wedding cake trend would be the cutest treat?

From the following: which trendy and unique location sounds like heaven?

Of these options: what is the best way to ask the girls to be bridesmaids?

What do you think should adorn a bride's head during the ceremony?

Of these options, what is your favorite of the latest trends for centerpieces?

Which DIY bar will keep your guests entertained for hours?

What do you think of mismatched bridesmaid dresses?

Which of these trendy entertainers would be exciting to hire?

What statement best describes how you feel about First Looks?

Which of these commonly thrown away traditions should actually be kept?

Which of these wedding dress trends is beautiful for the bride?

Which of these trending love songs is truly perfect for the first dance?

How do you feel about matching monogrammed robes for the bridal party?

Of the following: which wedding dessert bar is the sweetest?

Which of these trendy kid-friendly beverages is great for guest hydration?

Which option describes how you would incorporate the wine barrel trend?

How do you feel about photo booths at wedding receptions?

Would you want to host family brunch the next day?

How do you feel about "getting ready" photo sessions the morning of?

Would you hire a food truck to cater your wedding?

Do balloon arches belong in weddings?

Like many couples have opted to do, would you write your own vows?

Which bridal shoe trend puts the best foot forward?

Where would you incorporate black in your wedding?

Which funky wedding dress trend is the best way to abandon tradition?

Of the following, how would you invite someone to be Best Man?

What is the best way to make the Maid of Honor look special in the ceremony?

With the latest trend of clear lucite in decor, where would you put it in your own wedding?

Which wedding favor trend is your favorite?

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About This Quiz

Binders of dream weddings have been replaced by folders on your laptop and endless Pinterest boards, but dreaming of the big day has been a guilty pleasure of romantics since marriage was invented. Whether you want to be a princess on your own big day or you are looking forward to dancing with your spouse, your wedding is a big deal. When you finally get your big day, all of your dreams come together, and you get to live happily ever after with your new spouse.

There is something about the romance of a wedding that makes us feel good inside. Imagining your own big day brings hopes for true love and happiness, especially for people wondering if true love will ever knock on their door. You aren't alone in your wedding dreams though. Wedding trends are a guilty pleasure for many people, as evidenced by the many wedding-related magazines and reality television shows. Even people who have already had their wedding love to reminisce about their big day.

Wondering when the one will come into your life? Wonder no more with our wedding quiz! By getting your opinion on the latest in wedding trends, our quiz will reveal when you will finally meet your one and only. 

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