Quiz: What's Your Rank in the Wolf Pack?
What's Your Rank in the Wolf Pack?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

There aren't any more efficient hunting groups than packs of wolves, in fact, there might not be any more efficient social group on the planet than a wolf pack. Each wolf knows what they are supposed to do in the pack, and each wolf recognizes they need to stay within their role. There are all sorts of roles within a pack such as hunters, who go out and bring back food, scouts and sentinels, who gather information and watch for potential attacks, and elders who are wolves who are respected for their experience.

There are also more concrete roles in a wolf pack, the Alpha is the leader of the group, the Beta is the trusted second in command, the Deltas are the wolves who are angling to move up in the pack and do what they are supposed to and then you have the Omega's who are usually just goofing around and not getting a whole lot of anything done. We probably know who you think you might be in the pack, but who are you really? The answers might surprise you. So before you decide to go off and hunt down a stray buffalo, you might want to take this quiz and see where you stand in the wolf pack.

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Who are you on "Jersey Shore"?

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What is your favorite type of movie?

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Did you check your closet for monsters when you were a kid?

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What comic book bad guy are you?

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Your partner is having an affair, what do you do?

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What is the best thing about you?

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What kind of hat are you most likely to wear?

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What is the biggest number of people you have supervised at a job?

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What are you most likely to write?

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What kind of band would you play in?

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What basketball player are you most like?

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Which is your favorite baseball team?

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Who gets the last piece of pizza?

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