Quiz: Fact or Fiction: The Environment and Your Skin
Fact or Fiction: The Environment and Your Skin
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The average adult has about 8 pounds of skin. Our skin is the only thing separating us from the environment and all of its pollutants and harmful substances. How much do you know about what your skin is keeping out -- and keeping in?

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As far as your skin goes, the sun is the most dangerous environmental factor out there.

Yep, the one thing that's basically impossible to avoid is the factor that causes 90 percent of skin damage.

The idea that you can't get sunburn on a cloudy day is one of the most common misconceptions out there. Forty percent of the sun's UV rays can penetrate your skin even on the cloudiest days, so never neglect the sunblock.

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The subcutaneous layer of your skin plays the most important role in protecting your body from environmental factors.

It's actually the epidermis -- the outermost layer -- that has the role of keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

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The most crucial function of the skin barrier is to keep pollutants out of your body.

The epidermis makes sure that too much water doesn't get in -- and that too much doesn't get out when you're in a dry environment.

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When you're exposed to the sun, your body stops making melanin.

When you see a sunburn or suntan, you're looking at more melanin in your skin.

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Men's skin stands up better to the elements than women's does.

Men's skin is thicker and oilier, and therefore more protective.

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A good moisturizer is effective because it adds water to the body.

Moisturizers work by helping the epidermis retain water.

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Moisturizer ingredients like glycerin and silicone block water from leaving the body.

Glycerin is correct -- both of these ingredients are good ones to look for.

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You can help maintain your skin barrier by eating foods that are high in antioxidants.

Skin that has enough lipids is better able to retain water. You can increase the amount of lipids in your body with a diet high in omega-3s and omega-6s, which are found in fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines, and in grass-fed beef.

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A 'wet wrap,' which involves seaweed and mayonnaise, can strengthen your skin barrier.

It sounds like some sort of spa treatment, but a wet wrap is just a layer of wet cotton cloth, then a dry one, over moisturized skin.

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