Quiz: Your Taste in Trucks Will Tell Us Which Branch of the Military You're Meant For
Your Taste in Trucks Will Tell Us Which Branch of the Military You're Meant For
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If two things symbolize all that is loud, proud, and powerful about America, they are the US military and the truck. The military is quintessentially American; it's big, it doesn't apologize for taking a controversial position globally, and it's actually not nearly as bad as its worst detractors make out. 

It's a glorious mess that is somehow incredibly effective despite wasteful spending, governments who come and go, and a changing geopolitical landscape, has managed to keep the trade routes of the world open and major conflicts confined away from the civilian centers of American life.

Likewise, the truck is the quintessential American vehicle. You can kit one out, head into the back of beyond, and not look back for weeks or even months. You can carry everything you need with you, and these days with the advent of electrical trucks and solar panels, you barely even need to stop for gas anymore!

How you feel about a truck is a lot like how you feel about the military. Do you think it should be snazzy, streamlined, and slick, or very traditional? Do you prefer it when it's loud and in your face? Do you think it should shove everyone else around, or drive softly and carry a proverbial big stick? Let's find out - and we'll use your answers to point you toward the right branch of the military!

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