Quiz: You're a Total Grammar Genius if You Can Ace This Adjectives and Adverbs Quiz
You're a Total Grammar Genius if You Can Ace This Adjectives and Adverbs Quiz
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

You will remember from elementary school that while a noun is a naming word (eg cat, dog, tree), and a verb is a doing word (eg run, jump, fight), each is a part of speech that can be qualified or contextualized by other words. Adjectives and adverbs are two such options. Adjectives are describing words, whether simple physical descriptors like big, tall or red, or more nuanced and less tangible descriptors such as thoughtful, furtive, or salubrious. Adverbs are qualifying words that typically get linked to a verb to provide more information about it. These can be more common ones, like "He ran quickly" or more arcane ones such as, "She said sagaciously."

While littering your speech with excessive adjectives and adverbs will make you sound either insincere or excessively enthused, a well-placed describing word or qualifying word can go a long way to add precision, color and human interest to a story. Adjectives and adverbs are usually superfluous in some kinds of speech - for example political speech, where they seem flowery, or in a movie script where too many will tread on the director's toes. However, in prose, poetry and everyday speech, they are a great way to take your communication level from good to great. Let's see if you've mastered them!

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