Quiz: Test Your Bible Trivia Knowledge With This Quiz!
Test Your Bible Trivia Knowledge With This Quiz!
By: Torrance Grey
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Everyone knows who built the ark, and who the first two sons of Adam and Eve were. But do you know what happened in the valley of Elah? Or who was "roaming the earth and patrolling it" in the book of Job? The truth is, while there are a lot of beloved, often-read stories in the Bible, other parts of the Good Book are less well known. (This especially includes the minor prophets of the Old Testament, such as Joel and Amos).

The Bible is a complex and varied book. It's divided into 66 parts, called "books" themselves, then chapters, and then verses. Some books of the Bible are quite long -- Psalms is the longest, with 150 chapters. On the other hand, one book in the New Testament is only 13 verses long. You can also divide the Bible thematically, into different types of books. The first five books, called the "Mosaic" books, comprise both history and law.  Joshua, Judges and Ruth are also history books, relating the early years of Israel as a nation. The Psalms are poetry, and Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job are part of the "wisdom" tradition, which contain some of the more poignant passages in the Bible about life and death. 

If you're a Bible aficionado, we've prepared a quiz for you on some of the Bible's more obscures people, places and events. Ready? Good luck!

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