Quiz: If You're Not a True Firearms Expert, Dont Even Bother With This Quiz
If You're Not a True Firearms Expert, Dont Even Bother With This Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Invented centuries ago, firearms changed everything for humankind. Within a few generations, the firearm became a dependable and accurate way to make hunting much more productive and warfare much, much deadlier. What do you really know about the history and functionality of firearms?

From tiny “pepperbox” pistols to shotguns so big they had to be mounted on small boats, from the Peacemaker to the Ma Deuce, firearms are one of the most significant technological advances in the history of civilization. Do you know which guns were used to conquer the Wild West … and which ones were used to push the Nazis back to Berlin during World War II?

Guns themselves are as varied as the people who wield them. The very earliest guns were all single-shot weapons, and they were incredibly difficult to reload, meaning that if you missed your target, you’d go hungry — or wind up at the mercy of your enemy’s next charge. More modern firearms are dependable, easy to reload, and in some cases, can fire hundreds of rounds per minute without stopping. Do you know how both simple and complex guns work?

Gun designers and manufacturers have profited enormously from their best-selling models. Smith & Wesson, Remington, Winchester, Glock and Mossberg are just a handful of some of the most famous gun makers ever. Their products have shaped the way we eat and defend ourselves.

Grip the stock of this quiz tightly, because the recoil is gonna kick you hard — we bet you’ll miss some of the questions no matter how hard you try. Only a real firearms expert will know all of the answers, so give it your best shot!

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