Quiz: If You're Not a True North American Geography Expert, Don't Even Bother With This Quiz
If You're Not a True North American Geography Expert, Don't Even Bother With This Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

North America is so big — and extends through so much latitude — that it contains some of the most diverse landscapes anywhere in the world. There are the endless Canadian Rockies and the corn- and wheat-packed Great Plains, the plateaus of Mexico and the hills of Iowa. What do you really know about the geography of North America in our tough quiz?

Let’s be honest, compared with the monstrous mountains of the Alps and Himalayas, North America’s peaks are stumpy. But you won’t be thinking that when your lungs are searing during a hike at 14,000 feet. Do you know the names of the continent’s most forbidding and dangerous mountains?

Plate tectonics, glacier activity, rivers and a whole lot of other geological processes played a role in North America’s geography. In some areas, the land is flat and featureless (hello, western Kansas), but in other locations, mountains and rivers make the land a wild and treacherous place, particularly in the winter. How much do you know about the diversity of this continent’s geography?

From famous lakes to bake-your-brains-out deserts, North America is truly a changeable area, full of different cultures and peoples — except Canada, where there are only moose. Take our difficult North America geography quiz now!

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