Quiz: If You're Not an American Revolution Expert, Don't Even Bother With This Quiz!
If You're Not an American Revolution Expert, Don't Even Bother With This Quiz!
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

For generations, colonists in the New World looked fondly on the British motherland. It was their ancestral home and a vital link to European affairs in a time when the colonies were still in their infancy. But the British crown saw it fit to bleed the colonies dry of their resources … and resentments eventually boiled over into war. In this carnage-filled quiz, what do you really know about the American Revolution?

It took years for colonists to come to terms with the concept of independence. Many leaders were content to negotiate with Britain for fairer terms on legislative issues. Others, however, felt that the crown would never treat them fairly, and the call for independence grew louder and louder. What do you know about the events that led to the Declaration of Independence?

George Washington eagerly armed his men for the fight against the British redcoats. But there was trouble in the ranks. Few men were really qualified to fight professional British mercenaries. And a lot of colonists wanted nothing to do with life in the army. What do you recall about Washington’s military struggles in the Revolution?

For years, the British ravaged parts of the colonies, capturing cities, intimidating the locals, and doing their best to put down the rebellion. But Washington and his men fought on, eventually finding chinks in the armor of the world’s best army. Take our American Revolution quiz now!

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