Quiz: If You’ve Done 22/30 of These Things with Your Mom, You’re Probably Best Friends
If You’ve Done 22/30 of These Things with Your Mom, You’re Probably Best Friends
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

Some mothers are gardeners, content to let their children grow and learn at their own pace, in a safe environment. Other mothers are carpenters, tightly controlling the time, activities, and learning processes of their children like a Marine Corps drill instructor. 

As you become an adult, you learn to see your mother as another human being, but nothing will change the fact that your mother will play a unique role in your life, unlike that of any other person you will ever know. Good or bad, your relationship will change with time, and the kinds of things you do with your mother will change.

Now you are an adult. The signs of the nature of your relationship with your mother have changed. Our academy of relationship experts has devised a questionnaire for you to fill out. In it, you will find a list of activities some people take part in with their mothers. Based on your answers to these questions, and the nature of the activities you and your mother take part in together, we will assess the health of the relationship; how close the genuine friendship is between your and your mom.

Think about how long it has been since you called your poor old mother, and take this quiz to find out if you're best friends with your mom!

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