Quiz: Zebra Three: The Starsky and Hutch Quiz
Zebra Three: The Starsky and Hutch Quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: TMDB

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"Starsky and Hutch" put a new twist on the traditional detective drama. These modern men forged a friendship beyond the badge, resulting in a warmth and chemistry not seen in the average police procedural. Not to mention the cool cars and confidential informants who were anything but average. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this classic cop show!

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What kind of car did Starsky drive?
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What kind of car did Hutch own?
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Who was Starsky and Hutch's favorite informant?
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What other job did Huggy Bear hold?
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Who was the duo's boss at the police station?
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Which character almost got a spinoff in Season 2?
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What is Huggy Bear's last name?
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What actor played Hutch on the show?
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Where is "Starsky and Hutch" set?
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How many seasons did the show run?
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What was the call sign for Starsky and Hutch?
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Who served as the pair's informant in the show's pilot?
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What cast member gets addicted to heroin in the Season 1 episode "The Fix?"
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What's in the trunk of a stolen car in the first episode of the series?
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What is Minnie Kaplan's job when she first meets Starsky and Hutch?
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What city is the Season 2 premiere set in?
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What is the Amolola?
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Which country star guest starred in a Season 2 episode of the show?
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Which cast member is hit with a virus on the multi-part episode "The Plague?"
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Starsky is killed in the series finale.
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What year was a "Starsky and Hutch" movie released?
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What rapper played Huggy Bear in the 2004 film?
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Who played drug kingpin Reese Feldman in the film?
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What film provided disguises for Starsky and Hutch in the 2004 film?
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What is Big Earl's favorite creature?
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How does Feldman plan to distribute his dope?
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What is the name of Feldman's girlfriend?
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How does Huggy Bear take out Feldman in the film?
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What does Huggy Bear give to Starsky at the end of the film?
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There is a Starsky and Hutch video game.
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