Quiz: The Ultimate Zombie Debt Quiz
The Ultimate Zombie Debt Quiz
By: Staff
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If you've ever had a company try to collect on a loan you don't actually owe, you've dealt with zombie debt. Zombie debt can be difficult to deal with, as can the companies that collect this debt. Do you know what to do when these harassing calls start to come in?

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How does an agency you've never heard of get your debt information?
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Which of these has contributed to the profitability of zombie debt collection?
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To avoid zombie debt you should check your credit report at least how often?
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What do credit card companies do when their efforts to collect on a debt fail.
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After a credit card company writes off a debt it will often do which of the following?
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How much money did collectors profit from zombie debt in 2006?
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In 2006, the federal government took actions against which of these companies for improper debt collection?
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Asset Acceptance Capita's revenues increased by how much between 2001 and 2005?
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Which of these was written to protect consumers from improper debt collect?
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Which of these government organizations deals with complaints against collection agencies?
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When contacted by a collection agency regarding a debt you know is not yours, you should do which of these?
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If you've filed for bankruptcy, the debt being collected can be fought using which of these?
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Which of these actions are debt collectors not allowed to engage in?
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Which of these advocacy groups can provide helpful information about handling zombie debt?
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